Saturday, September 18, 2010

Service project at children's ward of hospital

While I was auditing the Langas Branch in Eldoret, Kenya, Karen was able to join the Relief Society sisters in doing a service project visiting the Eldoret Hospital. They visited the children's ward and held babies and cheered up the children. She really enjoyed this activity even though she had to ride a matatu (most common type of public transportation in Africa). She felt safe though because she was surrounded these dear sisters.

Missing the grandkids, this activity gave her a chance to do what she loves to do most.

I don't know who benefitted the most from this activity?

This little one did not know what to make of all this attention but she was not complaining.

This is Karen and a new friend-Alice, a young lady that we met in Chyulu. She is the English teacher in her branch and attended an English Teaching Workshop that we were luck enough to helped with in Chyulu. For some reason we really connected with Alice. When we found out that she is a dress-maker we visited her at her shop. Karen commissioned Alice to make her a skirt. On another occasion Alice offered to accompany us to the village market where she helped us find the best produce at the best price. This picture was taken at the Chyulu district conference that we were attending with the President and Sister Broadbent our new mission president and the visiting General Authority from South Africa-Elder and Sister Watson.

Friday, September 17, 2010

All Africa Mormon Helping Hands Day - August 21st

This is a LDS Church sponsored service project throughout all of Africa. All Mormon church units throughout all of Africa perform a service project on this day. The projects range from planting trees, to cleaning local communities. These images are of the Kilili Branch that we attend. Over 45 members and 15 non-members helped clean, and burn leaves, branches and other debris from the village market roads and a nearby Health Clinic.

Below are some of the young women's organization.

Some of the hard working women of the branch sweep and rake the village square.

Here we prune some shrubs near the village square.

This is a group shot that includes most of the helping hands.

Here some of the workers enjoy their favorite refreshment: a loaf of bread and a sodaa pop.