Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aberdare National Park near Mt. Kenya

While at the park we hiked down to the Chania Waterfall.

Chania Falls in Aberdare National Park is only one of several falls in the park. It is here that Winston Churchill camped while on a safari in 1907.

This big guy was all by himself very close to the road as we passed by.

This Cape Buffalo bull decided that he wanted to have the picnic area all to himself. Elder Puckett was the last to retreat to his vehicle. You notice that I was already on my way to my truck as I took this picture.

Would you argue with this guy?? This was the look he gave us before he started walking toward our picnic table. Luckily he was not running towards us.

For My Scouting Friends

On Saturday September 25th we joined two other senior missionary couples, the Blakes and the Pucketts, on a trip to Aberdare National Park near Mt. Kenya. Just before reaching the park entrance we passed through the town of Nyeri, Kenya which is the burial place of Lord Baden Powell the founder of the Boy Scout Movement. During his Army service he spent a lot of time in Kenya. He liked it so well that he retired to Kenya, and spent the last three years of his life here. He is buried in the church grave yard on a hill overlooking the town of Nyeri on one side and Aberdare National Park on the other. A memorial has been erected in his honor next to the church. This is the entry gate to that memorial.

This is the Memorial Building (it was not open the day that we were there) with the path leading to the grave yard. I was not aware that Lord Baden Powell's wife Olave Baden Powell was instrumental in founding the Girl Scout movement. She is honored her as well.

Here we are at the gate leading to the graveyard.

I am guessing that this nicely sectioned off burial sight has be improved over the years by several Eagle Projects.

This humble gravestone pays tribute to both he and his wife.