Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aberdare National Park near Mt. Kenya

While at the park we hiked down to the Chania Waterfall.

Chania Falls in Aberdare National Park is only one of several falls in the park. It is here that Winston Churchill camped while on a safari in 1907.

This big guy was all by himself very close to the road as we passed by.

This Cape Buffalo bull decided that he wanted to have the picnic area all to himself. Elder Puckett was the last to retreat to his vehicle. You notice that I was already on my way to my truck as I took this picture.

Would you argue with this guy?? This was the look he gave us before he started walking toward our picnic table. Luckily he was not running towards us.


Connie and Daniel Biggs Family said...

So this buffalo bull just came out of the bushes while you were eating? That's pretty cool, or was if more scary than cool? Do they usually run or is that just if you provoke them? These animal encounters you have look fun. Love the elephant. The waterfalls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Oh and we noticed the birthday of the guy that started scouting and his wife's birthday and Parker's birthday are the same day. We are thinking much about you. Glad you are safe and having a good time serving the Lord in this beautiful land.
Love, Connie, Daniel, and family

Jesse & Karen Nevin said...

Yes he just came out of the bushes. We had seen an entire herd of them not too far away and we wonder if he, being a protective patriarch, followed us up the road to the picnic area. The buffalos are second only to the hippos as the most hazardous to humans. When provoked they will charge and even ram vehicles. We tried hard not to provoke him.

Robyn said...

Very beautiful waterfalls. I think it is incredible how big these animals are and how bizzare it must be to encounter wild animals without a fence between you. Raeli saw the elephant and made her elephant sound - super cute.

Shelley said...

You are in Africa...that's just CRAZY sometimes! Looks like you are able to enjoy the scenery as well as the work. Thanks for the updates.

Dad, I am sure you could have taken that buffalo guy on! haha