Saturday, December 4, 2010


Shortly after we started attending the Kilili Branch we were asked to teach the investigator class. Although all class members know some English it was helpful to have an interpreter. The young man on the left is Kennedy. He was our interpreter. At the time he was preparing to go on his mission. He has an amazing ability to translate English into his native tongue of Kikamba. On October 21st he departed on his mission to Cape Town, South Africa. Before he left in late September three class members were baptized and two weeks ago the other three entered the waters of baptism.

As we have served we have been reminded of the truth that you come to love those with whom you serve and those that you serve. These are the people who have come to be so special to us in the past several weeks.

The first three to be baptized were Irene, Irene and Nzalani

Those who were baptized on Nov 21 and confirmed last week were Eunice, Annah and Agnes.

The primary children sang at both baptisms.

Her we are with the most recent group.
This was the first baptisms that we have been involved with since coming on our mission. It was such a special experience for both of us! These people have become so special to us. Their faith is an inspiration to us.
This past Sunday we started a new class of three new investigators.


Gayle J. Randall said...

I see the Lord's hand in the inspiration President Taylor had to call you to serve in this branch! What wonderful opportunities you are having! They are life-changing for you and for those you teach! You both look so happy!

Robyn said...

Love to see the faces of the people that are sharing your lives right now. Congrats to those who were baptized.