Monday, May 9, 2011

Departures, Arrivals and Get-a-ways

March ended with another goodbye to some more friends-Elder and Sister McBride completed their mission in Mombasa and left us to return home to their family in Utah. We will miss them.
Three weeks later Elder and Sister Fox escorted several saints to the Johannesburg Temple for the first time. Then a few days later they said goodbye to these African saints and headed on to Arkansas to be with their own family as they ended their mission.
The saints in Mombasa did not have to wait very long for another senior missionary couple. Elder and Sister Scott arrived the same week as the Foxes left. We went with President and Sister Broadbent and the Scotts to get them settled in Mombasa and attend the Mombasa Zone Conference. On the long drive home from Mombasa we stayed at the Kiliguni Lodge which is located inside the Tsavo West National Game Park.

At Tsavo West we observed the fairly rare sight of an Ostrich coming in to share the watering hole with a male and female Giraffe. As you can see, the Giraffes have to get in a very awkward position to drink. It is in this position that they are the most vulnerable to lion attacks. Just out of the camera's view was another Giraffe standing watch for lions.

Mount Kilimanjaro is very allusive. It is usually completely covered by clouds. Although this happened at sunset the clouds parted for just a few minutes to exposed the mountain. This image was made from the Kiliguni Lodge.

These are the Mombasa Zone Elders. On the right are the new couple-the Scotts. They are holding a hard bound Book of Mormon in a pledge to the Mission President that they will read it again before their next transfer. During this reading they will make any reference to Jesus Christ or any quote or statement about Him. Since we profess that the B of M is a second witness of Jesus Christ it is important to know of what we promise.

This was the social held at the Mission Home to say goodbye to the foxes and give the Scotts a warm welcome. Foxes are seated on the couch between us and President and Sister Broadbent. The Scotts are the second couple from the right in the back.

Farewell get-together for the McBrides (seated in the center) on March 21st.

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