Monday, May 9, 2011

The New Eldoret District in Formed April 24, 2011

The formation of the New Eldoret District of Kenya Nairobi Mission was a long awaited event! It is composed of eight branches in the northern most part of the Mission. Four branches in Eldoret and Four from Kitale were combined to make the new District on Sunday April 24, 2011. It was a treat and such a spiritual experience to be a part of history in the making. The Kenya saints in that region had been waiting for this day for quite some time. There were approximately 570 people who attended the day-long activities. The District Conference was held on the second floor of a very nice hotel, because none of their chapels were large enough to house such a large gathering. Each member of the new District Presidency as well as their wives spoke. Most of them told there conversion story. These are some of the true pioneers of the Church in Africa!
After the Conference, everyone walked a couple blocks to the nearby Sosiani Chapel for a reception of sorts, in which all 570 of them were fed a meal before they headed home.

Karen was a greeter at the conference and I took a lot of pictures. Hera she poses with some of the children. Many of these children had not been to a large building with more than one floor. They were captivated to look down over the balcony to the swimming pool below with see the blue water. They were asking why it was blue.

This image gives you a feel for how many people were in attendance. As you can see, awnings were installed to provide shade.

This is President Steven H. Broadbent the Kenya Nairobi Mission President with his wife at the keyboard in the background. He is formally announcing the new District Leaders to be sustained.

At the podium is the newly sustained District President Dominic Kogo. And seated to his left are the other members of the new District Presidency and District Clerk and Executive Secretary. With some of the Senior Missionary Couples seated behind them.

At the reception everyone found shade on this beautiful sunny day, while waiting to be fed.

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