Monday, March 12, 2012

Kilili Branch's Christmas Social

December 22nd Kilili Branch had their Christmas devotional and dinner. Nearly 100 people came to celebrate. The Relief Society had prepared a nativity reenactment, which included a couple choir numbers to accompany the acting out of the Christmas story found in Luke 2. Following the nativity play we joined in some Christmas carols then everyone enjoyed a big meal ending with lolly pops for everyone. We truely enoyed being a part of it.

Choir sings "Angel We Have Heard on High..."

One of the Wise Men gives tribute at the feet of Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph

The Relief Society Sisters had prepared a huge meal for everyone. Several children from the village were invited to come and have share the meal. Being the first week of their summer, it was a beautiful sunny day.

Some of the attendees enjoying their meal of rice, goat stew and beans.

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