Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traditional Christmas Eve Celebration And Christmas Day Devotional

On Christmas Eve after the service project was complete the couples serving in Nairobi were invited to go to Bishop Osborn's home for a traditional Christmas Eve celebration. There were several expatriate couples there, some of whom had children. They reenacted the Nativity much like our Grandkids used to do at home. It made us feel at home but at the same time it made us feel a little melancholy as we thought about our families back home.
On Christmas day we attended church and then gathered together for a devotional for all of the missionaries serving in the Nairobi area. Those missionaries serving in other areas in the mission were having similar activities with the senior couple missionary serve closest to them. After the devotional we had a pot luck dinner.

It was the second best way to celebrate the birth of the savior, next to being with family.

These are the couples and young missionaries that celebrated with us.

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