Friday, April 2, 2010

More pictures of baby elephants and warthogs

This is not a zoo, where the people and animals are separated by barriers. These huge wild warthogs came out of the woods and gradually ended up grazing within 10 feet of us. The elephants are cared for in this reserve but are not confined by bars or fences but rather by their affection for their surrogate parents-the care givers.

Warthog up close

Profile pose

Only a small rope separated us from these friendly little guys

The 1-2 year olds were by far the most playful. Here they knock each other over, lay on each other, role in the mud and just have fun.

This is a view of a pen where a care giver will sleep with two elephants and feed them every three hours.

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Robyn said...

Mom I love how you look like you are hugging the elephant :) These are great pictures.