Friday, April 2, 2010

Relief Society Birthday Celebration Party

Saturday March 20th Karen attended the Langata Ward Relief Society Birthday Celebration. After a short opening and review of the history of the Relief Society Organization, they had a few fun games. The two young Sister Missionaries who were in charge of the games created a fun environment. The two games that brought the most laughter were: The first was the game in which a coin is placed on a compressed cup of flour and then each person in turn cuts a slice of the flour away until the coin falls-whoever makes the coin fall has to pick it up by her teeth from the plate; and the 2nd was musical chairs. After the games a Birthday cake and refreshments were served. There was a lot of laughter and sisterhood enjoyed by all.

When the music stopped this sister was left without a chair. The younger sister seated on the left, in the black tee shirt, was the winner and is only a week or two away from going on her mission.

Karen and Sister Randall join in in a very competitive game of musical chairs.

Another sister slices some flour while the anticipation mounts.

The first sister slices some flour away.

The unlucky sister who's slice caused the coin to drop picks it up by her teeth

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Robyn said...

I missed this post the last time I visited. Looks like a lot of fun. Nice to see familiar games played :)