Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transfer week

Nothing real exciting going on here this past week. I take that back, I guess it was exciting for the young missionaries, because this past week was transfer week (every 6 weeks one or more member/s of a missionary companionship is moved to a new area of service and to a new companion). We have 81 young full time missionaries serving in our mission. Since they are paired in companionships of two we use volunteer branch missionaries to pair up with the odd one. These branch missionaries are usually young men or women who are in the process preparing for their own missions. The logistics associated with moving several missionaries from one city to another or from one country to another- from Kenya to Tanzania or visa versa is pretty stressful on the Mission President, his two assistants and the office and support staff, not to mention the missionaries. There are interviews to be done, visas to be changed, transportation to arrange for the missionaries and their luggage, food to feed them while they are away from their own source of food etc. Because of all of this craziness we have not been anywhere or done anything of note but we did go for a walk in the park and a short drive or two. So here are a few pictures of those outings.

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Todd said...

i was transferred six times in my mission and oddly enough, each one was more stressful than the previous... obviously not a fan of change beyond my influence