Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October brings weddings

We were invited to attend the wedding of Peter and Pauline the first weekend of October. Then again a week later we witnessed the civil marriage of two couples preparing to go to the Johannesburg Temple to be sealed.

These two couples are from the Kilili Branch. They are doing the final preparations for their trip to the Johannesburg Temple.

This young couple is Peter and Pauline. Peter worked in the Distribution Center for over a year. He is finishing up a degree in accounting at a local university. Recently he was hired by a large company that manufactures bio-fuel on the east coast. He asked us to take pictures of their wedding. Another senior couple-the Byrds were also invited ato help photograph the wedding.

Back at the Church, Karen is greeted by two cute little girls attending the wedding reception.

This is a colorful church that we passed on our way to Chyulu.

This is Faith and her parents at the mission office just after President Broadbent set Faith apart as a missionary.

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