Monday, October 17, 2011

September Couples Conference at Lake Nakuru Park

Twice a year all of the senior couples serving in the mission come together for a conference at a major game park. The first weekend of September was our conference which was held at Lake Nakuru National Park. We have meetings to discuss important issues, but the primary purpose is for the couples, who serve in remote areas throughout Kenya and Tanzania, to enjoy time together. We also went on several game drives within the park over the two days.

This 3 meter Python crossed the road as we were on one of our drives. Unfortunately Karen and I were the only ones who saw it before it disappeared in the grass.

We saw this Leopard in a tree where it had taken its lunch (a pelican).

Did I tell you that Giraffes are Karen's favorite animal?

This baby baboon hopped on top of our truck and tried to eat the radio antenna.

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