Monday, October 17, 2011

Transfer week in July brings hellos and goodbyes

Later in July we had another transfer week. We enjoy the excitement of transfer week , but as I have stated before not only do we greet new missionaries coming into the mission, but sadly we also have to say goodbye to several of the missionaries we have come to love, who are returning home to their families. We took a new senior missionary couple the Halls to visit one of the branches in the Kilungu Hills where they will be serving.

This is Karen with Purity a young girl that she has bonded with in the Ilima Branch.

Here the Halls attend their first baptism in Africa. The young man in white with his arms crossed is about to go on a mission and on this day he is baptizing his mother and two other young boys. Also pictured are the two companionships of Elder who serve in the Hills.

One of the traditions in the mission is for departing young missionaries to go on a Safari at the nearby Nairobi Game Park. We were asked to take them on this day since President and Sister Broadbent were traveling out of town. These two Elders pose by the Hippo Pond. Ironically there were no Hippos at the Hippo Pond but there were two large Crocodiles that you can see over Elder Weech's right shoulder on the far bank of the pond. Out of the picture is the armed guard who escorted us to the pond. Elder Weech is from our home in the Gila Valley, Arizona. Elder Mdlalose was returning home to South Africa

This big male lion was napping only about 10 meters from the road. He woke up long enough to check us out and then went back to sleep. Much like dogs, lions spend a major portion of their day sleeping

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