Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Service Project at Kenyatta Hospital

For Christmas, President and Sister Broadbent asked each Zone of young missionaries to organize a service project for either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The response was incredible! We heard reports on some of these projects and got invited to join one of them. The zone closest to the Mission Office had planned to go to the children's cancer wing of the Kenyatta Hospital. They rented one of those air-filled jumping cage and set it up in the hall way. They also brought large balloons for each child, played games with them, held them, sang songs with them, held hands with them and hugged them. For a couple of hours or more these little kids we able to forget about chemotherapy, and the loneliness of being couped up in a hospital bed at Christmas time. Some of them with no hope of recover, and others with no family near enough to come visit them for the Holidays. We were so proud of the way these young missionaries shared their love without any reservation.

One bashful little girl caught my eye and Karen's hand and heart.

This little guy was content to play in the box that we brought the gifts in far away from the action. When I asked if he wanted his picture taken he nodded yes and his eyes lit up when I showed him his image on my camera.

Some of the kids followed me around asking me to take their picture. You can see grandma in the background with her new found friend who would not let her go.

This is the Upper Hill and Buru Buru zones of missionaries at their service project. You can see the joy that they brought into the lives of these kids.

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Gayle J. Randall said...

What an inspiring day for all concerned. It's safe to say all missionaries involved will remember this experience for a long time to come. Thanks for posting about it.