Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

For New Year's Eve the 6 senior couples that live in Nairobi in the same complex had a progressive dinner and game night. We barely made it to midnight but we always have a great time whenever we are together (no pictures of the excitement though).
The following Sunday Jan 2nd was a special day for us because another of our students was baptized (this is number 7). Mutinda is an amazing 17 year old young man who has been attending the branch long enough that many of the branch members mistakenly thought that he was already a member. As we taught him he asked very thoughtful and deep questions and willingly did all of his reading assignments and came to class each week prepared with questions and answers. He was so ready to be baptized!!
The following Saturday Jan8th the Nairobi couples went to eat at a restaurant that specializes in unique meats barbecued on a rotisserie and then they bring them to your table and slice off a piece for you if you want. The most exotic meat was crocodile.
The following weekend Jan 13th-18th we traveled up to Eldoret to help in a Zone Conference Training and attend the wedding of President Dominique KoGo's (he is the first counselor in the Kenya Nairobi Mission Presidency) daughter-pictures to follow. The celebration lasted the entire day. We found out when we got there that we were both on the program as speakers for the wedding.
The next day-Sunday Jan 16th we attended church in one of the local branches before returning home to Nairobi. An interesting side note is that whenever we visit a branch they invite us to speak.
Again today Jan 23rd we went to visit two branches in the Kilungu Hills and both of them asked us to speak. We have decided that we need to either stop visiting any more branches except the one we are assigned to or beef up our file of impromptu talks.
Next Sunday we will return home to our friends in the Kilili Branch where we think we will only have to teach the investigator sunday school class.

This is the Branch President Davis Makiti about to baptize Mutinda.

I predict that this young man will not only be a great missionary but a great future leader of the church here in Kenya!

Can you tell what Karen is saying about having a piece of crocodile meat? She is such a party pooper!


Gayle J. Randall said...

I tried the crocodile meat when I was there. At the risk of being cliche, it tasted like chicken! Scott's not very adventurous either! What a great work you are doing! Love your blog!

The Squirts said...

What a beautiful experience! As much as we are loving our little adventures here with Julian, you all are making retirement and life after kids look temptingly lively. Thanks for sharing the colour and life of Kenya with us. We too love your blog!

Hummers said...

It was so great to read your blog, view your pictures, and be inspired by your words and the things you are doing. You are obviously very good missionaries, spreading your sweet personalities and service to those in your mission area. Keep up the good work.

Loved the animal pictures.

Steve and Kathy Hummer