Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Christmas celebrating

On Christmas day after their service projects each zone or area met together for white elephant gift exchange, a nice dinner, and a viewing of a video slide program reviewing the year 2010. The senior missionaries in each zone helped provide food and the missionaries provided the entertainment. All reports from the missionaries indicated that it was an enjoyable way to spend Christmas away from family. The Tanzania 2 zones spent Christmas with the President and Sister Burgener in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The Mombasa Zone was at the home of Elder and Sister McBride. The Kitale area went to the home of Elder and Sister Beecher. The Kisumu/Busia zone met in the home of Elder and Sister Fox in Kisumu. While the rest of the Eldoret Zone met in the home of Elder and Sister Lurf in Eldoret.

Pictured below are the 3 zones (Upper Hill, Buru Buru and Chyulu) that spent Christmas day at the Mission Office.

On the far right of this picture are the Assistants to the President-Elder Lipengah (with reindeer antlers) and Elder Mangenela (with Santa hat) conducted our celebration. 2 of our 10 Sister missionaries-Sister Duma and Sister Motloi are seated next to Sister Broadbent (in the center).

Our Christmas tree this year was different from any other in size shape and decorations. This is a Baobab tree made from banana leaves with home made decorations from Kenya artisans.

Another beautiful face from the Cancer treatment wing of Kenyatta Hospital.

Still another face that I will not forget from the Cancer wing.
It was a Christmas that we will never forget! Our hearts go out to our own children and grandchildren who have been so supportive of us being so far away from them. We love you all so much. Each of you are in our thoughts and are in our prayers everyday.

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