Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Safari pictures

There is a funny story related to this picture. We had just arrived at the entrance to the park and were waiting for another couple to arrive so we got out of our vehicles to stretch and visit. I forgot to roll up the window on our truck and this monkey jumped in and grabbed a baggy with some blueberry muffins. He was quickly up the nearest tree to eat them, at least after trying to figure out the zip lock bag he just ripped it open.

One evening the staff of the lodge at which we were staying invited us to a special performance. Karen was pulled up on stage to dance with them she was a good sport.

We followed this Rhino for some time as he walked across a long meadow. But he decide to stop to shade himself by this tree.

When we first came upon this pride of lions they were all asleep under this twisted tree. But after a few minutes one of them heard something off in the distance and stood up. Whatever it was we were not able to hear or see it. It must have been their next meal arriving. This tree was on a ridge that overlooked the valley. It is a perfect spot for them to just wait for their next meal to walk by. The park is kind of like a smorgasbord of impalas, Thompson's gazelles, Cape buffalo, water bucks, zebras plus many more.

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